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“The Ten Triggers” – Pg 6

“The Ten Triggers” are finally revealed with some surprising names and first appearances. I have been wanting to get to this point for over a year since I wrote the mini and I think it sets up some very important material for the next several years. So, who is the list and why? I don’t want to give away too much, but let’s see what I can reveal…

  1. Drakar Vadis – If you’ve been reading the Cosmic Dash, you are no stranger to the machinations of Drakar Vadis. We’ll be learning more and more about him as the series goes on.
  2. Emperor Empharamus Zartul – This is the first canon glimpse of the Emperor of the Blassnaught Empire and his position as #2 on the trigger list supports the importance of him in the galactic society, based on the mentions and references to him in the comics so far. he may also have a connection to the more magical side of the universe.
  3. “Black” Mab Sang – She made her first appearance in volume two of the comic. She is the Queen of the Space Pirates.
  4. Razaal Kameku – Razaal’s presence was most noticed in the third issue of the first volume of Cosmic Dash where he makes a bloody entrance in a flashback and a mysterious appearance in the present day.
  5. Gazran Bloodeye – We’ve seen a little bit of the inner workings of the Cult of Y’Tun Sargon, and Gazran Bloodeye is at the tip-top of that organization. We’re slowly piecing together glimpses of how the cult operates, so expect to see more about him soon.
  6. The Man in Blue – This figure, Eron Cameya, can be seen in the current Cosmic Dash issue. He’s not from around this galaxy. He’s popped up several times in the comic, and apparently has been noticed by the secret operations of the trio.
  7. Harrison Scott – A Fleet Commander in the Federation military, Scott is highly decorated and effective, but might be harboring a dark secret. Something that requires him to be observed and tracked. He definitely has some strong positions, that’s for sure.
  8. Orthos Kabalos – His mission against the Cult of Y’Tun Sargon has been a secondary major thread in the whole Cosmic Dash universe. You can see his solo issue here in the archive.
  9. Alix Motari – The resident quartermaster of the Lucky Strike II is one of the ten triggers. That’s not good… she has a cutthroat attitude when necessary. Might she have a relationship with the infamous Assassin’s Guild?
  10. Dash Kameku – Dash’s position on the list was already revealed on the previous page or so. Why he is on the list extends beyond his relationship with his father, #4 on the list. Dash’s research and tech skills are of repute. After all, Drakar attempted to recruit him. Oh, and that picture of him mid-snack? probably mined from Mara’s mobile. Yikes. Privacy-invasion much?

Keep an eye out this week for another lore entry or entry of “The Trench,” whichever I finish first. Next week will be a Cosmic Dash update. We’ll be sticking with this alternating schedule for a bit longer.

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