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Silver Spiral Stories is an anthology webcomic comprised of various spinoff titles and minicomics set in the continuity of the mainline webcomic, Cosmic Dash. The series rating varies from story to story, but unless noted, most stories are PG 13 at the most.

The comics that you may see on the site include:

Galactic Hub Serreven has the distinction of being the earliest of the Cosmic Dash side stories launched as an early webcomic (the old archive is non-canon, now, however). It also currently includes a pair of short stories that introduce the current continuity. The new comics will include one-shot issues and comic strips, under the Cosmic Dash Meanwhiles category. However, the larger series is like a sitcom in space, featuring Angn D’Lazmuh, the brother of Cosmic Dash‘s Dorian, as an administrator of a long-running space station. He must perform his duties with the aid of a sarcastic and obstinant AI named DICC. Dorian also spends his time with a local artist named Enna who has lived on the station her whole life.

Vid Seng’s crew, the space pirates of the Thruster Spear will feature in their own episodes and strips on the Silver Spiral Stories website. Space Hustle follows the band of pirates as they plot, scheme, and rob their way across the galaxy, trying to evade the law and score big to be the most influential crew under the Queen of the Pirates, “Black” Mab Sang.

Xenotrackers is a series of adventures exploring the strange and diverse lifeforms of the Silver Spiral Galaxy. Zoologist and researcher Goja Femb is given an impressive grant from a secretive individual and a crew of assistants to do an interplanetary survey of species. Her crew is lead by a former mercenary and space pirate, Carter “Sledge” Samuels, who does his best to keep the inexperienced and diminutive scientists out of the fangs and claws of dangerous animals.

Nightlifers, a spinoff written by The Bekkoning creator Deft Beck, follows the day-to-day life of the team behind a restaurant and nightclub in the imperial homeworld of Blassna. Tito Nicor struggles to keep his passions, loves, and jobs going as everyone in his neighborhood struggles under the weight of a crushing regime.

Cosmic Dash: Meanwhiles collects minicomics and comic strips that check-in with characters and settings all over the Silver Spiral Galaxy. The strips explore everything from the day to day life of the crew of The Lucky Strike II, Thruster Spear, and Galactic Hub Serreven. Smaller one-page pinups called “One Pieces” also carry forward storylines with impressive, poster-like illustrations. Other minicomics and short stories fit under here, including a comic about secretive organizations, Orthos’ cultist hunt, a galactic slave trade, and a group of alien superheroes.

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