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“The Ten Triggers” – Pg 5

So, a secret group has been ranking figures in the galaxy based on their potential to disrupt the galactic structure. That’s not cool. Though it makes you wonder… what are individual characters’ trigger numbers? I expect we’ll see a few of them very soon.

The idea of trigger points is inspired a bit by bounties in the manga One Piece. In that series, the more influential a pirate is the larger their bounty total. Now I am flipping that a bit by using a different ranking system, but the influence is still there. Also, I am keeping it a bit clandestine.

As for general news, there is a new lore entry up at Wattpad. Please enjoy.

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  1. ColdFusion
    ColdFusion September 29, 2022

    Well first of all, that’s an unacceptably high rate of galactic calamities… they must think themselves beyond vital to life continuing. secondly, that all sounds like something nobody can prove isn’t true…

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