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Silver Spiral Stories: Hostile Negotiations – Pg 4

Silver Spiral Stories: Hostile Negotiations – Pg 4

We are back with a new page of Hostile Negotiations and learn more about how The Syndicate is set up. Plus, even with the vulnerability of a missing eye, Drakar still seems to exert some pressure. Something tells me Corash isn’t pleased with this change in hierarchy. Special thanks to Kevin, as usual, for inking this page.

In case you missed the last Cosmic Dash update, you can catch Alix’s secret mission in the 399th update of the main series. #400 should be next week, provided there are no emergencies on my end like there have been the past couple of weeks. Unfortunately, emergency freelancing and commissions take priority when bills are on the line.

Cosmic Dash update #399
Alix does not seem impressed, but it is a fun page regardless.


We have a big announcement regarding one of my other comics this time. I have finally finished archiving every RGBots comic from Twitter/X to the website and now have brand new RGBots comics. So far, six updates have been across two weeks with a  MWF schedule. It’s good to have RGBots back, so please check it out. The comics are also on a dedicated Mastodon account and cross-posted to my recent BlueSky account.

Oh, yes, I am on BlueSky now. I am sticking with a single account there, mostly to post updates and boost comics. Mastodon is still your best bet if you want to follow me socially.

As for the podcasts, Supernatural Selection and The Distraction Hole have their regular updates. Please give those shows a listen if you can. We are currently catching up on archiving them on YouTube. As of writing this, we are up to June of this year:

Lore of the Silver Spiral Galaxy: Slaving

Slavery is still a big issue in the galaxy, even though the more core worlds appear more just and civilized. With the constant push further and further along the Stael arm of the Silver Spiral Galaxy, things grow less regulated, and criminality thrives. Slaving is found in many forms, the most common being indentured servitude and labor in exchange for passage to newly colonized worlds. Often, these contracts are brutal, with plenty of loopholes to delay and deny the promise of a plot of land on a new world.

Less dubiously legal forms of slavery are also quite common, with kidnappings being a source for slaves for all purposes. Corash, here, likely dabbled in both. I could see him plucking unknowing Reptons from the alleys of the lower canyon of the Imperial City if there was money to be made from it.

Much of slaving is handled through the Cyclopasian Neutrality as they are less centralized and more willing to look the other way regarding the legality of some things, especially if it drives investment into their territories.

As for Drakar’s stance on slaving, we’ll get into that one day. We may already have

Silver Spiral Stories: Hostile Negotiations – Pg 4 Transcript

The following is a transcript of Silver Spiral Stories: Hostile Negotiations – Pg 4.

Panel One

A heavyset Blassnaught named Corash sits in front of a bank of monitors. He is speaking with Drakar Vadis.

Drakar (off-screen): I see The Syndicate is treating you well, Corash.

Corash: I cannot complain, “Dragon.” What brings you to my territory? You’ve been getting my payments, yes?

Drakar (off-screen): Oh, yes, the payments have been plentiful.

Panel Two

Drakar stands in front of the seated Blassnaught. Behind him, Melru, the bodyguard for Corash, watches silently. Drakar does not seem amused. His left eye is missing from its socket.

Drakar: But I am here regarding the matter of your employment. Namely, your retirement.

Corash: “Retirement?”

Panel Three

A looming Drakar Vadis extends into panels three and four, emphasizing his eye socket. Corash appears annoyed by what Drakar is saying.

Drakar: I am working with the Empire on some key projects, and your proximity to them needs to be considered. So I am dissolving this chapter of The Syndicate.

Corash: “Dissolving?” I am the Blassna operation.

Panel Four

Drakar continues to loom over Corash. Corash looks worried, and sweat is accumulating on his features.

Drakar: I can’t move your operations as you’ve already tried to kill me. I also am aware of your slaving contracts. I can’t abide slaving. It’s personal, I’m afraid. So a complete dissolving of our business relationship is what is needed here.

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