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Wootari Bros. #1 – Warehouse Raid

Back so soon? Usually, today would be a Cosmic Dash update, but due to some scheduling issues, I couldn’t get the update ready in time. Thankfully I already have something fun on the way with Kevin McKracken, who last did a one-pager for the comic.

This week’s one piece is illustrated by Kevin McKracken, who adapted a series of vague directions as I wanted to see what spin he would put on this. Kevin is also one of the PixelPunx, a group that streams video games.

So this week, we have a special One Piece that will give us glimpses into the backstory of Wulg and Snix Wootari and their relationship with a certain criminal overlord. How did these two guys earn the eternal debt of The Dragon? We’ll learn that as these one pieces periodically update.

There is not much else to say this week, but stay tuned next week as Cosmic Dash updates with a new page, which we’ll be sticking with for just a bit. I am still ironing out some details on the next big story for this archive.

Wootari Bros. #1 – Warehouse Raid

This first image depicts Wulg and Snix Wootari on a raid in a warehouse held by a Blassnaught gang. The broad beat here is that Wulg and Snix were kicked out of their communal hive for their more violent and less drone-like tendencies. The two would go on to travel the galaxy working as small-time goons and mercs for different clients.

Wulg, being the older one, has a deep affection for his younger but larger brother, Snix, and has strived to find leads on riches to benefit them both. Wulg heard rumors of a local Blassnaught gang that had obtained something of immense value and was getting ready to transfer it.

So, naturally, the Bros. struck first, entering a two-man raid on the warehouse, guns blazing, catching the gang off guard.

After all, who is crazy enough to rob a gang of Blassnaughts?

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