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Meanwhiles – Grudge Match

We are back this week and taking a brief break from ongoing storytelling after having wrapped up a Nightlifers storyline. Now we have a new Meanwhiles depicting life aboard the Lucky Strike II, and this week we have a guest artist!

This week’s comic is illustrated by Kevin McKracken, who did a fantastic job based on my incredibly basic thumbnails. Kevin is also one of the PixelPunx, a group that streams video games.

You can catch their latest stream right here:

I plan on working with Kevin again, so if you have any Cosmic Dash characters you want to see him draw comics of, let me know in the comments. Also, be sure to follow him on Twitter!

Lastly, last week included a new Cosmic Dash page, so please check it out.

CD update 383

The Crattler: Space Vermin

Rats in space are a hell of a thing. As with any travel, the chance of pulling biological elements from one environment to another is common. The infamous Ship Rat, aka the Black Rat (Rattus rattus), is an example of the historical transmission of one species from one nation to another. The rat would make this way to different lands by “hitching rides” on maritime vessels.

So, let’s talk about the common space vermin, the Crattler. Milo Thench over at his Silver Spiral Archives, wrote a lot of information on this space vermin. I suggest checking it out. I do want to quote one fun bit.

Crattlers’ strong neck muscles allow them to twitch their heads constantly as they move, allowing them to take in their surroundings. This twitching motion has another side-effect, causing a rattling sound as their teeth, which they shed near constantly, rattle around in the pronounced jaw cavity. A Crattler generally goes through 10-20 teeth in a day, which grows back within a week. This constant tooth loss is associated with the forceful snap and sawing of the jaw.

They’re pretty nasty, hardy customers. Good thing Blu took out that space vermin. Be sure to read the full entry, it has all sorts of fun details.

Meanwhiles – Grudge Match Transcript

The following is a transcript of Meanwhiles – Grudge Match.

Panel One

Alix Motari is in thought, wandering through an unspecified part of the Lucky Strike II.

Panel Two

Alix is caught off guard by Blu, who is launched into the frame.

Panel Three

Alix stares at Blu, seemingly stunned, as a Crattler enters the frame, hissing at the bot.

Panel Four

Blu springs up and lands a punch on the Crattler.

Panel Five

Blu gives Alix a confident “thumbs-up” gesture.

Panel Six

Alix, confused, returns the gesture.

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