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Silver Spiral Stories: Blood & Oil – Pg 1

The first-ever Cosmic Dash Halloween Special has landed with Silver Spiral Stories: “Blood & Oil.” This comic is my tribute to the comic anthology Heavy Metal with stylistic influences from Eastman and Laird’s The Fugitoid.

I aim to get all pages out before Halloween, but things sometimes get in the way. Wish me luck. This is the first Cosmic Dash side-comic for a MATURE AUDIENCE. This is going to be more extreme than even Orthos’ story.

You may have seen some of my brainstorming of this during a stream I did last Saturday. I did tweet some of the concept work as well.

If you missed the latest Cosmic Dash update, you could see it here:

CD Update #284 - Decidedly not influenced by The Fugitoid.

1980s Comics (The Fugitoid)

Anyone who has had an extended conversation with me knows I love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and that applies further back to the other works of Eastman and Laird, including The Fugitoid. The character may be more famous as a TMNT side character, usually referred to as Prof. Honeycutt. He was a scientist using a mental connection through a helmet, and through an accident, his mind displaced into the robot drone he was piloting.

It’s a fun story outside the larger TMNT connections, including Triceratons. So, since the first issue of Cosmic Dash, T-wk’s whole story has had that “transported mind” element. His is just a hive-mind. We’re just now getting caught up with him on the junk world he ended up in “Reboot.”

As for the Heavy Metal connection I spoke of earlier… I will be playing with gore and violence a little more in this story, so I have been reading some of the 1980s Heavy Metal issues to get a sense of the violent adventure I hope to emulate here.

Silver Spiral Stories: Blood & Oil – Pg 1 Transcript

The following is a transcript of Silver Spiral Stories: Blood & Oil – Pg 1.

Panel One

T-wk stands on a pile of junk on the planet Rummagian 3. He overlooks the territory, and his makeshift cloak flaps in an arid, toxic breeze.

T-wk (VO): “Twelve months. I’ve been stuck on this horrid planet for twelve months.”

Panel Two

T-wk continues to observe the landscape; his missing eye is seen in detail. We still cannot see if his right arm is still missing.

T-wk (VO): “Twelve months looking for a power cell. I found one. But it was taken from under my gaze.”

Panel Three

T-wk turns back to a weapon behind him. It seems to be a buzzsaw blade attached to a spear.

T-wk (VO): “I am to claim it.”

Panel Four

T-wk holds the spear aloft into the air. His back is to the camera. The story title is displayed.

T-wk (VO): “No scrapper or beast will stop me.”

Title: Silver Spiral Stories: “Blood & Oil”

Credits: Written and Illustrated by David Davis

If you want to spread the word about the comic, a vote on Top Webcomics really helps! See you next week at for a new page over there!


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