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Meanwhiles: Soar – Page 5

Welcome back, Cosmic Dash fans; we are now on Meanwhiles: Soar – Page 5, featuring Kracker’s parents. We already get a sense of the family dynamic here on this page.

In case you missed it, Cosmic Dash updated last week with the log page for the newest issue. Check it out.

Cosmic Dash 4.3 Log update, posted on this comic about Kracker's parents.

Naturally, Cosmic Dash updates next week, meaning Silver Spiral Stories will update the week after. This pattern has been pretty helpful in me telling a few stories.

Speaking of which! A new installment of “The Trench” is out! I posted it last week. I plan on writing a new one tonight as well. I want to get that story wrapped up to begin something new.

Lastly, if you are a fan of The Duck Webcomics or Comic Fury, Cosmic Dash is now archiving there. They join the Tapas and Webtoon archives, so get your Cosmic Dash fix anywhere you want.

On Parents in Cosmic Dash…

One recurring theme in the webcomic is parental trauma. I can’t explain it beyond it being something that is somewhat universal as a narrative theme, but I suppose we all have our little traumas involving our childhoods to deal with.

So far, we have Dash’s issues with his father, Mara’s anxiety concerning her parents, and Marken’s parents have passed away. We also have the recent hints at Dorian’s loss of his parents. Now Kracker joins the party of mommy and daddy issues.

I hope that something developing in all of this is a sense of found family. We’ll see!

Meanwhiles: Soar – Page 5 Transcript

Here is a transcript of Meanwhiles: Soar – Page 5.

Panel One

Darena Toucair has a drink in her hands, she is looking toward Ricio Toucair.

Darena: “Ricio, tomorrow we’ll need to speak to the central zoning commission regarding the next peak for the expansion.”

Panel Two

Ricio glances at the opposite end of the dining table at Senn, who is eating.

Panel Three

Ricio glances back at Darena.

Ricio: “Dear, don’t forget that tomorrow is-”

Darena: “Of course not.”

Panel Four

Low angle of Darena talking to her son, drink still in hand.

Darena: “Senn, happy either birthday. Your plumage is growing very colorful. You’ll be flying in no time.”

Panel Five

At his place at the table, Senn made a slight mess. He looks cheerier.

Senn: “Thank you… Ma’am. May I go watch some vids after dinner?”

Panel Six

Darena glowers, slightly, ever stern.

Darena: “Very well. But no stunt racing.”

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