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Meanwhiles: Soar – Page 4

Welcome back, readers and sci-fi fans, to Cosmic Dash‘s “Meanwhiles: Soar” – Page 4, which takes us to the Andes-inspired Skyhaven. We’ll talk a bit more about that in a second.

In case you missed it, the mainline series is updating again. The cover for Cosmic Dash, volume 4, episode 3, “Ladies’ Fight,” went up last week. Exciting times ahead. Click the banner below to check it out.

Cosmic Dash 4.3 Banner - Ladies' Fight

This week, I snuck a few cameos and references onto the page as I put out a call for things for Kracker’s shelf.

In no specific order, we have objects and characters: The Bekkoning, Chasing Samsara, Horndog, The Fourth, Key to the Future’s Fate, and Tom n’ Artie. Of course, there are some other pop-culture references tucked in there, too. Can’t forget Shmoofy, either.

I’ll be continuing to post concept art over the coming weeks, so please follow me on Twitter for cool new art.

Alright, onto some worldbuilding!

Broader Connection: Skyhaven – The Andes-Inspired Planet

Skyhaven is a location I have had planned for years, much like the villain who will be popping up in the other comic. I tend to work slowly, though not entirely on purpose, so it takes a while to get to these things.

So, the main inspiration for Skyhaven is the Andes Mountains in South America. Most of the native population of the planet, the Parrack, live along a massive mountain range known as the skyspine. The large, jutting peaks house terraced farming, gigantic cave systems, dense clouds, and gigantic trees.

The trees are inspired by the famous African baobab. They are incredibly iconic trees, and they struck me as a fascinating inspiration. Towering trees among towering peaks. I’ll talk more about the culture of Skyhaven as we move forward in the story.

I want to point out that Skyhaven is not a single-biome planet. We may only see one in the story, like with other stories, but my planets have multiple biomes. Skyhaven has deserts, plains, polar regions, oceans, and densely forested canyons.

Meanwhiles: Soar – Page 4 Transcript

Here is the transcript for Meanwhiles: Soar – Page 4, set against the Andes-inspired backdrop.

Panel One

Senn Toucair bounces off of his hammock, aiming to fly.

Panel Two

This does not work as he plummets face-first toward his bedroom floor.

Panel Three

Moments later, annoyed, Senn sits in the middle of his floor, arms crossed, with a large bump on his head.

Panel Four

In the dining room of the Toucair estate, Senn Toucair sits at one end of the table as his mother, Darena sits opposite him. Ricio, Senn’s father, sits between them. They are eating against the backdrop of the peaks and massive trees of Skyhaven.

Caption: Dinner.

Caption: Promptly and 20:00.

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