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Meanwhiles: Soar – Page 3

Welcome back to Silver Spiral Stories, this is Meanwhiles: Soar – Page 3, which begins our brief foray into Kracker’s childhood.

We turn our attention to Kracker’s past as we are going to be exploring a key developmental moment for him. This is something that is important to the next issue of Cosmic Dash, so I figure the meanwhile is the best way to accomplish this. We’ll also end up meeting his parents over the next few pages. Say hello to Ricio and Darena Toucair.

You’ll also be pleased to know that the third issue of volume 4 should start updating this month. I am about 85% of the way through my concept work and the script has been locked down for a couple of weeks. Speaking of concept work, here are a couple more.

Yes, we’ll get a bit of an Orthos update. I enjoy throwing in Orthos bits to contrast what Kracker is up to given their relationship.

Oh yes, and that is Green from RGBots, Shmoofy from the first issue of Cosmic Dash, and Leon from Key To The Future’s Fate as toys on the shelf.

Broader Connections: Childhood

We’re slowly getting a sense of the childhood experiences of the Lucky Strike II crew. Dash and Mara have referenced their experiences, such as in episode three of volume one for Dash, and Pause & Effect for Mara. We also recently saw something about Dorian’s childhood in one of the one pieces. Now we have Kracker. Yet to be revealed are Marken and Alix, but there are plans.

I’ve always been a sucker for getting a glimpse of the childhoods of characters. Usually, these things are disposable and used for one-off gags and episodes, but when they reflect a larger theme they end up being really cool. That is my hope with these coming pages. Hopefully, the shock of Kracker’s coloration carries some weight. We know his wing injuries have had a profound effect on him. The lack of (vibrant) color is part of how I wanted to represent that.

That and I haven’t even mentioned the fact he grew up in an “estate.” You’ll see.

Meanwhiles: Soar – Page 3 Transcript

Here is the transcript for Meanwhiles: Soar – Page 3, featuring a glimpse and Kracker’s childhood.

Panel One

In Kracker’s point of view, we see his hand is trembling. We see he has spilled his drink. The vision is distorted.

Panel Two

Kracker stares at the back of his hand, his vision is still distorted.

Panel Three

A sudden cut to a stubbier, rounder hand. It is more colorful with a bright reddish-orange on the tips.

Caption: 19 Years Ago

Panel Four

An eight-year-old Senn Toucair is reclining in a hammock in his room, staring at his hand. We see toys on the shelf next to him.

Caption: Toucair Estate, Senn Toucair’s Room, Eastern Wing

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