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Meanwhiles: Soar – Page 2

Welcome back to the latest Silver Spiral Stories installment, Meanwhiles: Soar – Page 2. Progress on the next issue of Cosmic Dash is going well. I should have the script finalized by next week and I have a little more concept art to do. You can catch the concept art on Twitter.

Here is the latest concept art:

At this rate, I think we’ll get the first page of volume 4, issue 3, before the end of this month. Very exciting!

Broader connections… Tremors

It has been mentioned a couple of times in the series that Kracker is unable to fly under his own power, like most of his race. We also see that he has some sort of tremors he is dealing with.

This inability to fly was mentioned in Pause & Effect:

It was one of the few things that made him feel positive about anything since the accident the previous summer where he broke his wings and radically altered the trajectory of his life.

Kracker’s had a disability since childhood and it seems like we’ll be exploring this a bit in this story.

This was also mentioned in “Signing Bonus”:

“Aren’t you still paying off your loans?”

Kracker took a cursory bite of the sponge cake, grimaced, and set the half-eaten piece back on the table. “My loans were reduced. Disability scholarship.”

Dorian rubbed the back of his neck with his hand. “Right…the whole wing thing-”

He noticed Kracker glaring at him. His eyes narrowed before he shifted away from Dorian. 

“Yeah, the ‘wing thing.’”

Kracker stood up to stretch. He ran some fingertips against the grain of his feathers on his wing, enjoying the cool air flowing over the bits of skin that were almost never exposed.

“It’s not a big deal. I just do my flying behind a cockpit. I figure that I fly more than anyone back home, does. Even with Skyhaven not being very friendly to non-arial visitors.”

The other thing we’ll be looking at here is Kracker’s drinking. He’s been seen drinking frequently throughout the story. It helps numb the pain, but apparently, he still gets tremors. I’ve been seeding this stuff for a while, so it is nice to finally be getting into it properly and developing this storyline.

Meanwhiles: Soar – Page 2 Transcript

Kracker deals with fatigue and tremors on this page of Silver Spiral Stories. This is a transcript of the page.

Panel One

Kracker gets up out of his chair. He is surrounded by wrappers and beverage containers.

Panel Two

Kracker kicks at a crushed can as he walks.

Panel Three

Kracker squats down to look into his mini-fridge, filled with bottles.

Panel Four

Kracker notices his right-wing is shaking. The tremor is very noticeable.

Panel Five

Kracker continues to stare at his tremoring wing.


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