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Fellian #1 – Three Brothers

Let’s learn about some Grey aliens! Before we dive into our story about Kracker, I held a poll on Twitter for another one-piece. The winning option teaed Dorian and Angn‘s brother, so here we are.

This is part of the story of Fellian D’Lazmuh, the oldest of the D’Lazmuh brothers. While I hope the story here is discernable, I will provide some context about these grey aliens. I’ve actually wanted to write a family drama set in the Silver Spiral for a long while. I won’t give away everything in this summary, so I can do so in the future.

Some of this was referenced in the novella, Pause & Effect, so we’re slowly building on references from way back then.

The Brothers D’Lazmuh

Panel one depicts the Grey alien homeworld of Oonoo, a cold planet that is genuinely unpleasant for most aliens. The Grey, however, thrive there. And speaking of thriving, we see a handsome family – The D’Lazmuhs.

The patriarchs, Garul Delaz and Nngua Muhlan, merged their genetic line and their names, as it tradition among the Grey – creating the D’Lazmuh family. What was unusual about this arrangement was that rather than produce the desired number of children in one go, they had the children every few years.

This was not the only strange thing about this family, at least compared to most grey, but that is a story for another time.

Sometime later, after the death of Garul and Nngua, the three young D’Lazmuhs, Fellian, Angn, and Dorian, arrived to live with their uncle, Cham Muhlan, an architect. Cham harbored some grudges regarding the trajectory his sibling’s life had taken, and he was fairly cold with the brothers.

Ultimately, the family unit of these grey aliens would shatter again as Fellian, driven by conflict with Cham, would leave Oonoo and join the Federation Military.

If you haven’t had a chance to finish up volume 4, issue 2 of Cosmic Dash, be sure to check it out now. All 45 pages of the story are now available. You can start reading right here.

Cosmic Dash Page Update Graphic - features grey aliens!

Fellian #1 – Three Brothers Page Summary

Here is a summary of the page featuring this band of Grey aliens.

Panel One

Depicts a family of Grey aliens against the stars, in the background is the planet of Oonoo. The aliens are two adults, Garul Delaz and Nngua Muhlan, and their three children. The eldest is Fellian D’lazmuh. The middle child is Angn D’Lazmuh. The youngest is the infant Dorain D’Lazmuh

Panel Two

The three brothers, beset by tragedy, arrive to meet their uncle, Cham Muhlan. Cham is an architect and bears a grudge against his sister Nngua.

Panel Three

The panel depicts Fellian leaving the family on the way to the Federation homeworld of Aurin, to join the military. Angn and Dorian are both upset, but Cham can barely be seen.

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