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Meanwhiles: Soar – Page 1

While Cosmic Dash is on a brief break for design work and finalizing the next issue’s script, we’re spending some time with the Lucky Strike II’s pilot, Senn “Kracker” Toucair. This is Meanwhiles: Soar – page 1. We’re talking a little bit about space jump tech this week.

“Meanwhiles” are side stories that take us away from the main characters, usually, but this time around I wanted to dive into how one of the main characters is coping with the events of the last issue.  This is also going to be a bit of a transition into the next issue. it’s part of why I wanted to create a separate site for Silver Spiral Stories so I can be a little more experimental. As of right now, this is the second of four total stories that revolve around the incident on Vumba in volume 4, issue 2.

I am excited about the possibilities of branching out like this. It makes the issues of the main series feel more important.

Broader Connections… Space Jump Tech

As for the details on this page, the Jump-Gate Authority has made another appearance after their introduction in the novella Pause & Effect. They run the space jump tech of the galaxy.

For those of us who do not have time to read a novella right now, here is a brief summary of the relevant events:

During a 48-hour hold due to a catastrophe at a Jump-Gate, the technology that allows for fast travel between systems, Kracker uncovers a conspiracy. The Jump-Gate authority is hiding data on the nature of the accident and the loss of a civilian ship called The Sulany. Kracker decides, with the go-ahead of the rest of the crew, to release the data publically through spoofing it’s origins.

We’ve not had a great deal of time or opportunity to deal with the consequences yet… but we’re getting there.

That being said, this story isn’t about that, actually. You’ll see.

Issue progress…

The next issue of the comic is coming along. I have been posting designs for the next story on the official Cosmic Dash Twitter account.

Meanwhiles – Soar – Page 1 Transcript

This is the transcript for the page.

Panel One

Kracker sits in his chair, facing his large, central monitor in the dark.

Caption: “Bunk of Senn ‘Kracker’ Toucair – Lucky Strike II”

Caption: “Twelve hours after the Battle at Foragetti Plains”

Panel Two

A message is on the screen from the Jump-Gate Authority. The space jump tech authority of the Silver Spiral Galaxy.


From: Jump-Gate Authority Subject: ALERT – Warrant

This is a general alert for all travelers who were in the gate queue in the timing immediately after the Sulany incident.

This alert has been authorized by the IFGP under the Interfactional Transit Authority Act to relay information about a hacking incident that has resulted in a data breach of vital JGA data.

We are seeking information regarding the identity of a hacker known as “Flarefeathers” for their involvement with a databreach.

We wish to assure all Jump-Gate users that the JGA’s concern is the safety of all passengers and that spurious rumors derived from tampered data are not to be trusted.

If you are aware of the identity of the hacker known as “Flarefeathers” or have discovered unusual data-packets in your ship log-file please contact the JGA’s IFGP liaison to-

Panel Three

Multiple messages from the Jump-Gate authority have gone out. All have urgent subject lines about the investigation into the data breach.


FROM: JGA Subject: BOUNTY UPDATE – “Flarefeathers”

FROM: JGA Subject: URGENT – Requested Data

FROM: JGA Subject: Have you heard of this hacker?

FROM: JGA Subject: BOUNTY UPDATE – “Flarefeathers” F

ROM: JGA Subject: Investigation Continues

Panel Four

Kracker stares at the messages, bleary-eyed and exhausted-looking.

Kracker: “Fark.”

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