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Galactic Hub Serreven – “Those Before Us” Pg 12

And we are back with Galactic Hub Serreven, a space comic. This is the final page of this story: Galactic Hub Serreven – “Those Before Us,” page 12. This was Gage’s first story featuring the character that he wrote, but not the last. As you can see, there is a full issue coming up. As far as I am concerned, Gage can write this stuff as much as he would like.

If you enjoyed this comic, be sure to read Key To The Future’s Fate, which is his own webcomic. I really enjoy the writing on it quite a bit. Which is pretty much why I handed GHS off to him.

This was a fun way for me to shake off the cobwebs a bit when it came to this storyline and characters. The last time we saw them was in a two-part novella. I was hoping to write some shorter, more episodic prose, loosely inspired by light novels, but just couldn’t keep up. Besides, I enjoy drawing Angn and DICC too much anyway.

In other news, still cracking on stuff. The Mutant Hours still airs every week, and the podcast version is now two episodes deep. It is still very much a fun escape for me week-to-week and a somewhat easier creative outlet for me than writing and drawings. I think I need that. I’ve slowed down a bit with my horror stuff, mostly due to some burnout and some upcoming birthday blues, but I’ll get over it soon enough I suppose.

If you missed the latest Cosmic Dash, be sure to catch up. We’re now two pages away from the end of the issue. It’ll be a total of 45 pages, the longest single issue yet. From there I am likely to take a month off (yes, I know) to do preproduction work. I take the concept work of making a comic very seriously because it saves me time in the long run.

Cosmic Dash update graphic, serreven space comic, depicts Mara sitting, comic #371Well, that’s about all I have to say at the moment I guess. Let’s get to the transcription of this page of Galactic Hub Serreven, a space comic.

Galactic Hub Serreven – “Those Before Us” Pg 12 – Summary

Panel One: A large cross-section panel depicting the control orb with an inset panel showing the full control orb without the cross-section. Inside the orb, Angn sits on the couch, DICC waits, and the helperbot stands still. Data boxes are attached to highlight boxes over the figures within the control pod orb.

DICC: “Now then, where were we?”

Databox A: “Name: Angn D’Lazmuh, Position: Administrator, Species: Oonooian/Grey, DOB 13/13/2991, Notes: [Redacted]”

Databox B: “Name; DICC, Position: Station AI, Species: Artificial, DOM: 13/25/2980, Notes: [Redacted]”

Databox C: “Name: Helperbot #001, Position: Assistant, Species: Artificial, DOM: 15/03/3001, Note: [Redacted]”

Panel Two: The control orb floats through the Serreven’s main floor, just past the Cyclopasian Neutrality’s Embassy, and toward the SolariCo skyscraper that houses the control orb. We see “windows” in the background that depict it now evening.

Caption A: “Story by Gage Lippolt (@catcomixstudios), Art by David Davis (@hpkomic)”

Caption B:Galactic Hub Serreven will return with issue #1, ‘Sense of Security.'”

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