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Galactic Hub Serreven – “Those Before Us” Pg 11

Here we are, on Galactic Hub Serreven with “Those Before Us” page 11. Angn continues to realize that he is in a dangerous situation. Why have so many of the administrators of the space station died or vanished so suddenly? What is a Grey like Angn to do when faced with this?

Looks like he might just be camping out in the control pod it seems. Seems safer than the rest of the space station, statistically speaking.

I really appreciate Gage’s work on the dialogue on this page. I always enjoy the back and forth of Angn and DICC and he absolutely nailed that. That is one of the reasons I was so keen to bring back Galactic Hub Serreven. I love seeing these two characters and I like reading them just… talking to each other. I find sci-fi concepts to be really fun when it is two people (or in this case an alien and robot) going back and forth about it.

We are just about toward the end of this story, but I hope we’ve established a compelling enough mystery for the future. Life on this space station is crazy, isn’t it?

See you next week with Cosmic Dash! if you haven’t seen the latest page, check it out.Cosmic Dash update #370 graphic - away from the space station

Galactic Hub Serreven – “Those Before Us” Pg 11 – Summary

Panel One: Set in the space station control pod, DICC is in the foreground, Angn is in the background, raising a hand.

DICC: “Following Libman was -”

Angn: “Um, Dicc, question for you.”

Panel Two: DICC is still in the foreground, his arms crossed in annoyance.

DICC: “Go ahead if you must.”

Angn: “None of the previous Admins died in the Admin Suite, right?”

DICC: “Not yet, no.”

Panel Three: Angn looks concerned by this statement.

Angn: “Not… yet?”

Panel Four: DICC leans in towards Angn, arms at his side, annoyed. Angn is leaning back, clutching his tablet.

DICC: “*sigh* That is what I said. Are you going to continue being pedantic about my phrasing of things for our entire working relationship?”

Panel Five: Angn stares at his tablet and rubs at the back of his neck with a free hand.

Angn: “No, no. I wouldn’t dream of it. Not unless I want to end up decapitated by a dictionary or something…”

Panel Six: Angn and DICC look at the back of the Control Pod toward the door to where the Admin Suite would be. The door is currently sealed.

Angn: “Since nothing happened in the Admin Suite, et, I think it’d be safest for me to stay in here and the Control Pod for now… at least until we can piece together what is going on.”

DICC: “If that is what you wish, Administrator.”

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