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Meanwhiles: Soar – Page 6

We are back with a Silver Spiral Stories this week with Meanwhiles: Soar – Page 6. This page gives us a continuing glimpse into the childhood of Kracker and we discover an early interest in a particular sport – stunt flying. We also get to spend a little time with his father, Ricio.

But, before we do that, did you catch the latest Cosmic Dash update? If not, check it out here.

Cosmic Dash - Last Update Graphic - No stunt flying

As for some other news, here are a couple of things.

  • Cosmic Dash is now back on Tumblr with updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays, though don’t be surprised if there are additional updates throughout the week.
  • “The Trench” took a break this week.
  • The Tapas and Webtoon archives have been updating Tuesdays and Thursdays for the past few weeks. If you use either of those websites to read comics, please subscribe to Cosmic Dash and like the pages to help bring some attention to the series. Both archives are currently on Vol. 1 Ep. 2.
  • The DeviantArt archive just wrapped up Vol. 1 Ep. 2. Going to wait for all the other mirrors to catch up before continuing.
  • The ComicFury and The Duck archives are in a similar position to Tapas and Webtoon: Vol. 1 Ep. 2.
    • Speaking about The Duck, I am doing a new column there every other week.
  • RGBots is updating again.
  • Supernatural Selection released its best episode ever.

That should be it as far as news. Special thanks to Lightfoot on Twitter for designing Firio’s look.

Firio by @Lightfootadv on Twitter

On Stunt Flights

This page introduces us to a sport that is pretty popular in Parrack culture (also Hauke culture). Stunt flying is a mobility sport that can be played in a few different ways but is always a test of agility and ingenuity.

The sport has a few variations but they all share a common element of gliding or flying through mounted rings, often of various sizes. One variation emphasizes pure gliding where rings are arranged in an overall descending arrangement. Another major variation is a “planar” form where the rings are arranged at various heights on a mostly flat surface, requiring tight flying.

Rings can have a set order for passing through, but a variation that is growing more popular involves forging your own path and flying through all the rings as quickly as possible. This is the variation Kracker is watching.

The sport has many icons, but Kracker’s favorite is Firio ‘the Flare’ Cortel. They are one of the most successful, record-holding fliers out there. Kracker is an absolute fan of them and his strongest desire at this age is to get their signature holo card authenticated.

Meanwhiles: Soar – Page 6 Transcript

Here is the transcript of the latest installment of Meanwhiles: Soar.

Panel One

A parrack flies through a series of rings in an arena. We are seeing this on TV.

Announcer: “We see again that ‘the Flare’ is absolutely dominating this course!”

Panel Two

Dramatic closeup as the goggled flier passes through a final checkpoint ring.

Announcer: “Another record!”

Panel Three

Senn “Kracker” Toucair is sitting on the couch with his Shmoofy Bear. He is excited watching the event in a darkened room. In the hallway behind him, a figure approaches.

Announcer: “Firio Cortel has managed a perfect run in record time!”

Senn: Haha! Yes! Yes!

Panel Four

Senn is shocked by the sudden appearance of his father!

Ricio: “Did you break the parental lock again, Senn?”

Senn: “Ack!”

Ricio: “You know your mother doesn’t want you watching these stunt flights.”

Panel Five

Senn rubs at his temple and glances back nervously, trying to casually point out his father’s complicity in this situation.

Senn: “Well, you keep setting the code to my birthday, so…”

Panel Six

Ricio stares dumbfounded at the TV.

Panel Seven

Ricio glances away nervously, caught but trying to play it off.

Ricio: “Why, I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Panel Eight

Ricio leaves the room as Senn is peeking over the back of the couch. The screen behind Senn shows the ranking of stunt racers with a clearer shot of Firio Cortel.

Ricio: “Do not stay up too late, ‘Pico.'”

Senn: “Yes, Dad.”

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