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Meanwhiles: Soar – Page 7

Welcome back to Silver Spiral Stories, we return with Meanwhiles: Soar – Page 7, which also happens to be the end of part one of this particular storyline. Rather than telling this story straight through, I decided that pausing her for a moment of joyfulness and inspiration for young Senn “Kracker” Toucair would mean a lot.

Picking up from last update’s scene… we all have our childhood icons. Letting him enjoy this moment with his hero before things go south seemed like a reasonable move.

So, in the week after next when we return we’ll be starting a new comic, a Nightlifers mini that runs for a few weeks. It is also one of those rare stories that, like Orthos’ one-shot, I didn’t draw. The story is by Nightlifers creator and frequent Cosmic Dash collaborator Deft Beck, and the artist will be Fil (link NSFW). We’ll also be spending some of our first moments in the territory of the Blassnaught Empire, for the first time in the continuity of the series. Plus, we’ll be celebrating Pride.

As always, be sure you caught the latest update over at

Cosmic Dash update #377 - Guugel is non-binary, technically

No major updates on anything adjacent to the main series this week beyond a series of Tweets showcasing a bunch of comic strips I did featuring the characters. Beyond that, the mirrors at The Duck, Comic Fury, Tapas, and Webtoon have all started to update for Vol.1 Ep. 3.

“The Trench” should update next week.

On Non-Binary Beings

So Firio “Flare” Cortel is a childhood hero of Kracker’s and a stunt flight legend. Firio is also non-binary, so I felt like I should talk a little bit about non-binary citizens in the Silver Spiral. Especially as we head into Pride next month. One caveat: I am not non-binary, so I am not an authority on any of this. So, if I mess up regarding any terminology and facts, please reach out in the comments.

The status of non-binary figures in the Silver Spiral Galaxy is that they are… citizens. In a galaxy with close to two dozen alien races with different cultures, understandings of gender, and a mishmash of genitals, the idea of non-binary figures does not seem strange to anyone, really, outside of a few circumstances. Usually, these are based on religious or cultural practices in backwater planets. Most of the civilized galaxy accepts non-binary citizens readily.

The alien community with the greatest concentration of non-binary citizens is the Grey; given their genetic engineering and reproduction methods to where binary gender plays no role in how they reproduce. Another major culture where non-binary citizens are a sizable population is the Parrack. After all, anyone can sit on an egg.

And yes, Firio’s shirt colors in that first third of the page are a deliberate reference.

Meanwhiles: Soar – Page 7 Transcript

This is the transcript for Meanwhiles: Soar – Page 7.

Single Panel, depicting three scenes. One shows Firio Cortel without their flight suit, doing a form of victory pose. The second scene shows Firio in flight gear, flying through a flaming hoop. The third scene shows Senn “Kracker” Toucair. He is excitedly emulating flying.

Caption: The End Part One

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