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Cosmic Dash – Pride 2022

Welcome back to Silver Spiral Stories. We are taking a break from Kracker’s backstory for a bit to run a special comics that I didn’t write or draw called Nightlifers. Before that, however, we have a new one piece wedged between “Soar” and “Nightlifers.” We’re also celebrating Pride 2022.

Before we get too into the weeds here, make sure you caught the latest page of Cosmic Dash. We’ll be returning to it next week.

Cosmic Dash Update #378 - Posted prior to Pride 2022

I am aiming to get back to some miscellaneous updates next week as well, so fingers crossed we’ll move forward on “The Trench.”

Cosmic Dash – Pride 2022

I’ve been wanting to do a Pride image with the cast for a long time, but never really had the timing down. I made sure to set aside some time for Pride 2022, however, to finally cross this thing off of my to-do list. I’ve been working on some of these identities in the stories. After all, we know that Guugel and Spril seem to be romantically tied.

Now, let’s get to the main issue: the Silver Spiral Galaxy does not look at the sex and gender spectrum in the same way we do in our contemporary society. Honestly, if you were to have issues with queer folks in the setting you’d be the odd one out. With such a diverse array of aliens and cultures who you love is who you love. So obviously, the idea of Pride flags is not a thing in the setting, though I am sure there may be analogs.

Also, the identities represented by the shirts in the image are approximations of what the identity of the character may be. Kind of like how the comic’s dialogue is written in English when they are not actually speaking English in the story. The identities here are as close as I can match them to the characters though there may be some variation. If you have a question about the characters and what their identities are, please let me know in the comments.

Otherwise, please move on to the next update for today’s double-update – the first page of “Nightlifers!”

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