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Nightlifers – On The Horizon – Page 1

We now divert our attention to Nightlifers, the spinoff of Cosmic Dash created by Deft Beck, a frequent writing partner of mine. This is “On The Horizon,” a Nightlifers story written by Deft Beck, illustrated by a mutual friend of ours, Footfoxxy, and colored by me. Please note that Footfoxxy’s Twitter account is not safe for work.

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We’ll be returning to Meanwhile: Soar after a few weeks. Don’t forget to check the latest Cosmic Dash update, either.

So, what is Nightlifers?

Nightlifers is a story developed by Deft Beck that follows a group of Imperial citizens and their noodle restaurant in the Imperial City of Blassna. This is one of the first major stories to dive into life within the Blassnaught Empire as Cosmic Dash is mostly focused on the Federation’s perspective. Much of the story revolves around the repton Tito Nicor, a young veteran of the Imperial military, who helps run his family’s noodle restaurant in the oldest part of Imperial City.

I have spoken with Deft frequently about the trajectory of the story, and Tito’s life is a great snapshot of the current period of Cosmic Dash and provides an interesting perspective on the colonial setting of the series, Tito is quite the everyman in a lot of ways.

This isn’t Tito’s first appearance, of course. He first showed up for a couple of pages of “Under New Management” back in Volume 3 of Cosmic Dash. His story is going to be more integral to the overall fabric of the setting than you might think.

There is also an older Nightlifers comic on the official discord. Its canonicity is a bit fuzzy, but it’s still a fun comic with elements that carry over. These sorts of things happen. It’s of course 100% free to read.

Of course, here is a message for Deft Beck: “I’m glad that I got to work with Footfoxxy and David on this short story. I hope that everybody looks forward to seeing more of Tito in the future Cosmic Dash extended universe.”

Nightlifers – On The Horizon – Page 1 Transcript

This is a transcript for Nightlifers – On The Horizon – Page 1.

Panel One

The Nightlifers logo is depicted with the credits for the story. Writer: DeftBeck. Artist: Footfoxxy. Cosmic Dash was created by David Davis.

Panel Two

A distant view of the upper Imperial City of Blassna, amidst a desert with two suns. The City is almost bone-colored.

Caption: “Imperial City of Blassna, 9:00 AM.”

Caption (Tito): “It’s quiet in Imperial City.”

Panel Three

A depiction of a dense street of the old Imperial City, inside the canyon. We see the Nicor’s Noodles restaurant. A draped sign states “Closed – Come Back Later.”

Caption (Tito): “No sirens. No cops.”

Panel Four

Tito Nicor is resting against someone larger than him in a darkened room.

Caption (Tito): “Just the sound of Henke’s heart beating.”

Panel Five

We see Tito is on the ground while Henke Rassqa is asleep on the couch. They are both in their undergarments.

Caption: “Silver Spiral Stories: Nightlifers”

Caption (Tito): “I’m fortunate that I’m still here to hear it.”

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