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Nightlifers – On The Horizon – Page 2

Welcome back to Silver Spiral Stories for the second page of Nightlifers, “On The Horizon.” Last time we caught Tito in a moment of reflection with Henke. Now we go back 24 hours to some events that would make anyone think about things – a threat to your life. Let’s see how the events will unfold and how a water crisis on Blassna may turn things ugly.

This page was written by Deft Beck, illustrated by Footfoxxy (NSFW Twitter), and colored by me.

If you didn’t catch last week’s Cosmic Dash update, you could check it out by clicking the graphic. Last week was update 379. Next week will be 380.

Water Crisis on Blassna

I have been working in the background on a few things, such as maps and listings of planets, but it’ll be nice to step away from that macro-level stuff and look at something a little more intimate. While I do not have an exact spot for this current story on the ongoing timeline, I would say we are definitely in the territory of volume 2 or 3. I just need to sit down with Deft Beck and lock that down.

Blassna, the imperial city, is the strongest seat of absolute power in the galaxy. While most organizations are coalitions, the Empire is led by a figurehead, the current acting Emperor. The issue is that hardscrabble life on Blassna and within the canyons is easy for the Blassnaughts, but for their constituents of other races, the strain of desert living is tough. Hence, a seemingly endless water crisis.

I liken it to Las Vegas or Las Angeles. As for why these are cities that had sprung up in deserts. While Las Vegas mostly has managed to skirt a water crisis. On the other hand, Los Angeles and larger Southern California are constantly under the threat of rationed water.

If you were to ask a Blassnaught, they would probably respond, “what water crisis?” for two reasons. One? They simply do not need as much water and do not notice its absence as readily. Two? They’re not under as heavy water rationing. There is some shady stuff happening on Blassna.

Nightlifers – On The Horizon – Page 2 Transcript

This is the transcript for Nightlifers. “On The Horizon,” page 2.

Panel One

Tito Nicor and Henke are drinking a miliary-surplus truck. Tito drives as Henke Rassqa sits in the truck’s bed, holding onto a tank of water rations.

Caption: 24 Hours Ago

Caption (Tito): “I went to pick up the water for the Day’s noodles…”

Panel Two

Henke begins to secure the water rations from the truck bed, and Tito steps out of the vehicle.

Caption (Tito): “Someone thought it’d be funny and hold me up for the tank.”

Panel Three

Tito is caught off guard by a large knife.

Mugger: “You Tito Nicor?”

Panel Four

A blassnaught in a mask stares down Tito, knife brandished.

Panel Five

Tito is alarmed by the knife and stares in shock.

Panel Six

The blassnaught picks up Tito by his shirt, lifting him off of the group with ease.

Caption (Tito): “Literally.”

Panel Seven

Henke has just noticed Tito has been picked up by a mugger.

Tito: “Henke! Help me out here!”

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