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Vark #1 – Released from Hypermax

Welcome to the first is what is a series of what I call “one pieces,” or single panel pin-ups and images that when seen sequentially make up the narrative movement. I am posting this on February 10th, so if you are reading the archive in chronological order I am technically from the future!

So, a couple of things. These “one pieces” are like the cover stories in the manga One Piece, where the covers of the Shonen Jump chapters sometimes told snippets of stories. I really liked how that worked and wanted to challenge myself to do stuff like that as a way to keep an eye on side characters. I am calling them “one pieces” because they are one piece of a larger narrative. This also allows me to slot in some content when we hit a delay in production from time to time. For example, this came about because of a production snag on page three of “The Ten Triggers.”

I had intended to do this sort of thing anyway, so this turned out to be a nice opportunity. Meanwhile, “The Ten Triggers” will return next week.

So, anyway, some notes on this page. This one takes place after we see Uran Vark in “Rehabilitation” where he gets a special offer from Andrea Mayden. He seems to have a familiar purple tuft of hair in his hand… he probably is still holding a grudge against Dash. Speaking of hair, it seems he has updated his own look a bit on the way out. We also see the return of the security drones from way back in the first issue of the comic. They are easily customized by GalactiCorp to reflect the client’s branding and specification.

So, ideally, I will be posting “one pieces” between stories from here out, not all of them related to Vark, but rather tracking characters from all over the series. Fun times!

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