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“The Ten Triggers” – Pg 1

We’re launching the first new story in the Silver Spiral Stories archives with this story that follows Zen E. Gamma, IFGP detective. Zen has been on the periphery of events in Cosmic Dash, starting from the first issue and appearing in the second volume as one of the detectives on-point in the GalactiCorp robbery case. What exactly his ties are with the various storylines will be revealed in this story.

Also, it seems this takes place sometime after the addition of Bel Bastion to Star Force… what is the situation involving the starliner? Maybe we’ll learn about that one day.

As far as the IFGP goes, think Space INTERPOL. The IFGP is an acronym for InterFactional Galactic Police. The IFGP, in a rare bit of foresight by the Federation, Empire, and Neutrality, is a joint investigative body funded equally by each faction. The IFGP has interfactional investigative authority and while various systems and factions have their own police forces, the IFGP sends officers to serve and guide various police forces. You can tell an IFGP officer’s “beat” by the color of the stripe on their uniform. Red for the Federation, Blue for the Empire, and Green for the Neutrality.

As a senior detective, Zen E. Gamma functions as a lead investigator for significant crimes that operate on a galactic-scale.

This page was inked by Cosmic Dash regular inker Kevin Hayman.


  1. ColdFusion
    ColdFusion September 29, 2022

    That’s an excellent pun, but rather than ol’ Pops, somehow when I look at this guy I think of… that… detective guy.. that I see referenced a lot, from the 70s? had a moustache and a brown coat and a tie? Kevin’s teacher on Mission Hill looked like him? Oh this is frustrating.

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