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Silver Spiral Stories: Blood & Oil – Pg 5

We’re back on page five of “Blood & Oil,” and we’re about to see a robot fight a monster of the power cell. This should be fun. It’s a mission of vengeance and practicality for T-Wk, as the same monster took away one of his tools, the robot Xeebo, now has only way off the moon in his gullet.

Let’s get it on.

Also, a Cosmic Dash update recently featured a fun throwback to Dash’s childhood and a not-great one to Dorian’s childhood. Enjoy!

Cosmic Dash update #388
“Photon Glidaaaaaaaaaaaaah”

My apologies for the delays. I usually take on extra freelancing and commission work a couple of times a year due to my normal job, teaching composition at a local college, which only pays half a month, given the start and end of semesters. Sometimes I need to prioritize paid work over the comic.

That said, things should be better as we move into next month.

If you like my drawings, you should follow me on Mastodon, where I post my Daily Doodles. However, you can also see them on my portfolio website as well. They are not related to Cosmic Dash, but I have drawings from other projects that pop up there occasionally.

A roguish goblin illustration
Leezle Torkton

Also, Supernatural Selection continues to thrive. We just recorded our first live episode the other night, which you can listen to right here.

Formacyte Power Cells

The object of such concern in this story has been a power cell, but unlike standard battery systems, of which there are plenty on the junk planet, there are few working Formacyte power cells on the planet. Such power cells are used for one purpose – generating starship thrust, enough to get someone off-world through an atmosphere.

Formacye power cells are super condensed tubes of radioactive gas that have to be activated through an electrical charge. The charge superheats the gas, amplifying the energy within, which can be further condensed through the thrusters of starships resulting in thrust.

The gas is not a natural state of Formacyte, normally mined as large crystals. The liquefaction and gaseous transformation result in powerful but unstable power. The crystals themselves are still radioactive, allowing them to be detected by Formacyte mining operations.

Naturally, ingesting radioactive starship thruster vapor will have some unfortunate consequences.

Transcript – Silver Spiral Stories: Blood & Oil – Pg 5

The following is a transcript of Silver Spiral Stories: Blood & Oil – Pg 5.

Panel One

T-wk watches the chaos of the monster attack, still crouched near the power cell resting on the steel drum.

T-wk: I will have my vengeance-

Panel Two

T-wk notices the power cell has been snatched up.

T-wk: What?

Panel Three

The monstrous Crattler gobbles down the power cell, cracking it.

T-wk (off-screen): No!


Panel Four

The Crattler swallows the power cell, its neck bulging from its size. The power cell also leaks through its skin. Boiling flesh bubbles from the neck.


Panel Five

T-wk, wielding his makeshift spear, walks toward the looming Crattler. The Crattler’s chest now has a boiling mark from the digestion of the power cell. It roars in pain and anger.

T-wk: I am getting that power cell. I want off of this moon!


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