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Silver Spiral Stories: Blood & Oil – Pg 4

Welcome to a new page of Silver Spiral Stories’ “Blood & Oil.” I hope you all enjoyed the holidays. Now let’s get back to gratuitous violence! The Beast looks to live up to the name. It’s based on the species known as the Crattler; only this one is super-sized.

Before diving in further, did you catch the last Cosmic Dash update? Page #387 is available to read now, so why not check it out?

Cosmic Dash update #387 graphic

On Crattlers

Crattlers are a pest species, much like Nudriks. I’ll be posting a larger piece about them soon, and I’ll be sure to link it here as well. I have a ton of Cosmic Dash text content I am porting over to the blog here at, so be sure to keep an eye out.

Edit: Here you go – learn more about Crattlers!

Silver Spiral Stories: Blood & Oil – Pg 4 Transcript

The following is a transcript of Silver Spiral Stories: Blood & Oil – Pg 4.

Panel One

T-Wk leans against the barrel drum that holds the battery he has been seeking. He glances at the revelers just off-screen.

T-Wk: “How are these idiots still standing? They’re drinking battery acid.”

Panel Two

A scream pierces the night air. T-Wk ducks behind the barrel and glances toward the sound.


Panel Three

One of the Gomben Scrappers from the previous page, or what is left of her, is thrown against sheet metal. Purple blood trails in the arc. A Mantoid looks on in panic – his scream continues!

Mantoid: “AUGH!”


Panel Four

The source of the body is revealed – a giant mutant Crattler. It is seen ripping apart a Grey junker with its massive beak and single arm. A blue arc of blood follows the motion of the disemboweling. The Mantoid looks on in horror.

Crattler: “SKRAW”

Panel Five

We see a determined expression, or at least as determined an expression can be made, cross T-Wk’s robotic face in recognition.

T-Wk: “The Beast.”

Panel Six

A flashback image of Xeebo, from “Reboot.”

Panel Seven

A flashback image of The Beast – silhouetted against a storm, mid-roar. Thunder sounds.


Panel Eight

A flashback image of Xeebo’s destroyed body – clearly a victim of The Beast.

Panel Nine

The cloak that covered T-Wk’s missing arm has shifted, and we see that it is, in fact, a transplanted arm. The arm of the now destroyed Xeebo.

The welding tip glows.

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