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“The Meeting” – Pg 3

Some general notes:

  • “Seek the Horizon” is the chief slogan of the Federation. Very forward-thinking.
  • We get a big ol’ honking reference to The Dividing War, an event about 100 years in the past that took a “unified” government and ripped it into three parts.
  • Another anime reference, panel 3 evokes a famous shot in Neon Genesis Evangelion.
  • Ij Far is a major character in all of this, really, he’s quickly grown to be involved in a lot of storylines and you’ll be seeing him again soon in a very significant way.
  • This story is probably a few months prior to Volume 3 of Cosmic Dash, given the mention of Blassna (which we will see that trip play out eventually) and his mention of seeking recruits. We’ve seen how that has played out.
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