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“The Meeting” – Pg 2

A lot of information on this page, perhaps one of the densest pages I’ve ever written and probably a general no-no for comics in general, but also… I kind of don’t necessarily care? Let me indulge.

As far as some threads on this page:

  • The Worldmenders are a group of eco-warriors who are fighting the Artifici Dominion.
  • Both the Empire and Federation are in a tense and escalating rush to claim systems.
  • A mysterious race has been raiding the frontier, this is the Collective, who Dash’s father has been working with.
  • Titan is another term for Leviathan, and we’ve seen them referenced in the Orthos one-shot in the form of Y’tun Sargon.
  • Speaking of Y’tun Sargon, Pryce discusses the potential influence that the cult may have on the Neutrality.
  • Hardliner Harrison Scott suggests that the Federation could be manipulated by an alliance between the Empire and Neutrality.
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