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Silver Spiral Stories: Hostile Negotiations – Pg 1

Welcome to a new story at with “Hostile Negotiations,” featuring some cool new stuff. I am very excited about getting some more time with Drakar Vadis. We also get the first full appearance of the oft-mentioned but never directly-seen Emperor Empharimus Zartul.

We also glance at the legendary Pillared Throne, which I will write about briefly. It’ll be nice to spend some time alternating between this story and Cosmic Dash at the other site. If you missed last week’s Cosmic Dash update, you can check it out here.

CD Update #396 - Far From the Pillared Throne
Cosmic Dash Update #396

I hope to have some lore or prose updates in the coming weeks. In the meantime, check out the latest Week In Weird at Supernatural Selection.

The Pillared Throne

The Blassnaught Empire is not short on cultural symbols. One that has persisted for thousands of years is the Pillared Throne, a relic said to be part of the founding of the original terrestrial empire of the Blassnaughts by Ragna Two-Horns. This throne is carved from a massive rocky pillar that supported a chamber within the mesa where the Imperial City was founded.

But as for why the pillar was chosen, it is said that the pillar was where Ragna Two-Horns had defeated an ancient tribal leader to secure her empire. Supposedly, the throne was carved into the pillar at the very site where Ragna buried an axe through her rival and into the stone. A seat secured in blood and a symbol of power.

It is also a seat built into an architectural foundation of the Imperial Palace, as though the Empire rests on the shoulders of the regent.

Silver Spiral Stories: Hostile Negotiations – Pg 1 Transcript

The following is a transcript for Silver Spiral Stories: Hostile Negotiations – Pg 1.

Panel One

Drakar Vadis stands in a large, open chamber that overlooks the Imperial city surrounding a canyon. He stands opposite a slate-grey pillar that has a throne carved into it. Looming above Drakar is Emperor Empharimus Zartul, who stands before the Pillared Throne.

Caption: The Pillard Throne; Imperial Palace Blassna

Zartul: Drakar, your proposal is most fortuitous in this time of droughts. On behalf of the Empire, I approve your project.

Drakar: And my request?

Zartul: Of course, of course.

Panel Two

Zartul glances down at Drakar, taking on a fatherly appearance.

Zartul: I hereby grant you full Imperial citizenship…. and the honor and title of “Kin of Blassnaught.”

Panel Three

Drakar has lowered his head in a bow, snaking his long neck. He places a fist on his chest in a salute.

Drakar: I will transfer my best engineers to “Operation Rainfall.”

Panel Four

Emperor Zartul continues to glance down at Drakar.

Zartul: “Your Empire thanks you for your service.”

Caption: “Hostile Negotiations”; Story and Art – David Davis; Inking – Kevin Hayman

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