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Galactic Hub Serreven – “Those Before Us” Pg 4

DICC really is quite the charmer, isn’t he?

I hope you caught the dynamic Cosmic Dash update last week. I am trying to go all out with the action scenes and I am having a lot of fun doing them. Things seem to be moving at a fairly steady clip for me, production-wise. I couldn’t be happier. One announcement is that Cosmic Dash will now be mirrored on TAPAS. I am just uploading a page at a time, but these pages will be reworked as vertical scrolling pages and the artwork will be larger overall. I wanted to experiment with vertical scrolling and that seemed like the easiest solution. I am unsure if the Silver Spiral Stories will be archived on TAPAS, but we’ll see how I am feeling by the end of the first story there.

Speaking of TAPAS, Fang of Triseria continues to update every Monday. If you are curious how I tackle fantasy themes, consider giving it a read. And speaking of reading, The Dead Life now has a new landing page that collects all the updates and offers a synopsis of the series. As of today, there are 20 segments, adding up to the first of the five planned parts of what will eventually become a novel. It is a slow-burn zombie horror project, but if you are into that I think you’ll enjoy where the story is heading.

Otherwise, please let me know what you think of the comics I post. A quick comment really helps out in a number of ways – It encourages me for starters. Plus the activity helps people find my comic on search engines. Just scroll down a bit and type away. it’s completely free, much like the rest of my work.

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