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Orthos: Eye for Vengeance – Pg 26

Orthos and Kracker keep in touch pretty regularly and it is something I am hoping to explore more in the Meanwhiles in the future. This specific moment syncs up with one of the Cosmic Dash issues, specifically page sixteen of “FTL.”

I love it when I can pull crap like that off.

And with that, we end the first one-shot issue of Orthos. I want to do future Orthos stories as his planned arc is pretty fun. As for when we’ll see him next in the canon, who knows?

Well, I do, but I was going for an effect here.

Please let me know what you thought of Orthos; Eye for Vengeance. If you need more Orthos right now, consider reading the short story “Preacher” which chronicles Orthos’ first encounter with the cult as a young man.

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