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Galactic Hub Serreven – “Those Before Us” Pg 8

Welcome to “Those Before Us” Pg 8.

AJAX ZEPHYR. I love the character. Good job, Gage. Too bad he is dead. What a shame. He seemed like a cool dude.

It looks like Angn D’Lazmuh has a little mystery on his hands. He also has to learn the ropes of managing the station. Don’t you hate getting two assignments at once? Pretty crazy. What was the cause of the starship captain’s death? Maybe we’ll never know…

As far as production goes, I am likely to miss updating the week of Halloween. I have a great deal of stuff going on, including a horror convention that Saturday, but I will do everything in my power to make sure we get our scheduled Cosmic Dash update.

As for the other stuff on my plate, the podcast has been going strong, and The Mutant Hours is going to hit week twenty. I am also producing a second radio show that should be out at the end of the month.

All in all, keeping busy. As always, please share your thoughts on the latest page. I would love to hear them.

“Those Before Us” Pg 8 – Page Summary

Angn D’Lazmuh decides he wants to investigate the circumstances surrounding the deaths of the former administrators.

DICC gives a brief biography of one admin, Ajax Zephyr, who was an adventurous starship captain who retired to run the station.

DICC reveals that  Ajax seemed to have spaced himself. Angn takes notes, edgy from the revelation.

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